KMahjongg Themes

Creating Your Own Themes

You can create your own themes in KMahjongg. A theme is a combination of a tile set, background, and layout. This offers the player a convenient method for loading a related set of components without having to load each tile set, background, and layout individually.

A theme is defined in a text file. This file may be created in vi, pico, or any of the GUI text editors shipped with KDE. The file contains the text "kmahjongg-theme-v1.0" on the first line followed by the filenames of the tileset, background, and layout (in that order), each on its own line, and preceeded by a colon (:). Consider the following example:


Points to consider when creating a theme:

Below is a theme combining a standard tileset with a custom-deisgned layout, and a marble background:

Last updated 04/13/05.