KMahjongg Layouts

Layouts Available for Download

layout.tar.gz This archive contains the following layouts: alien.layout, altar.layout, arena.layout, arrow.layout, atlantis.layout, aztec.layout, balance.layout, bat.layout, bug.layout, butterfly.layout, castle.layout, chains.layout, checkered.layout, chip.layout, clubs.layout, columns.layout, cross.layout, dragon.layout, eagle.layout, enterprise.layout, explosion.layout, eye.layout, flowers.layout, future.layout, galaxy.layout, garden.layout, girl.layout, glade.layout, grid.layout, helios.layout, hole.layout, inner_circle.layout, key.layout, km.layout, labyrinth.layout, mask.layout, maya.layout, maze.layout, mesh.layout, moth.layout, order.layout, pattern.layout, penta.layout, pillars.layout, pirates.layout, pyramid.layout, rocket.layout, shield.layout, spider.layout, squares.layout, squaring.layout, stadion.layout, stairs.layout, star.layout, star_ship.layout, stax.layout, swirl.layout, teatre. layout, temple.layout, the_door.layout, time_tunnel.layout, tomb.layout, totem.layout, up&down.layout, Vi.layout, volcano.layout, well.layout, X_shaped.layout

To use a layout listed here, un-tar/zip the file into an empty directory (i.e. tar -zxvf layout.tar.gz [Enter]) then load a layout into KMahjongg from the Game menu.

Creating Your Own Layouts

You can create your own layouts in KMahjongg also. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Launch KMahjongg.
  2. Click the Edit menu.
  3. Click Board Editor...
  4. Place the mouse cursor over the board, and click when the black and yellow silouhette appears.
Here is what the layout designer looks like:

Points to consider when creating a layout:

Below is an example of a well-constructed layout using the Layout Designer:

Last updated 04/13/05.