Welcome to the new KMahjongg web site.

KMahjongg is an open-source implementation of the popular Mahjongg game written specifically for KDE. You can download and install your own tilesets, layouts, and backgrounds to customize the game to your liking. With a little work, you can even create your own customizations. Many have done so, and were gracious enough to forward their work back into the project.


04/13/05 Minor revisions to website to match the theme of the main KDE website. Added a tileset donated by Glan Evans. Updated the e-mail links to reference the e-mail address of the KMahjongg code maintainer.
06/22/03 Modified color scheme to bring more in line with www.kde.org. Added a tileset donated by Paul McCarthy.
02/10/03 Added screenshots of contributed tilesets.
01/13/03 Added icons section and additional graphics.

Last updated 04/13/05.