Logic Games

Here is the list of all logic games :


Katomic is both fun and educational game built around molecular geometry. It employs simplistic two-dimensional looks at different chemical elements. You can also play an online demo version of this game.


KBlackbox is a game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes where the computer has hidden several balls.


KMines is the classic Minesweeper game. The idea is to uncover all the squares without blowing up any mines. When a mine is blown up, the game is over.


KNetwalk is a single player logic game. Construct the network, connecting all the terminals to the server in the fewest turns possible.


KSquares is a fun and exciting game for desktop environment. The game is modeled after the well known pen and paper based game of Dots and Boxes.


KSudoku is a logic-based symbol placement puzzle. The player has to fill a grid so that each column, row as well as each square block on the game field contains only one instance of each symbol.


Picmi is a single player logic-based puzzle game. The goal is to color cells according to numbers given at the side of the board in order to uncover a hidden pattern or picture.