In KSpaceduel each of two possible players controls a satellite spaceship orbiting the sun. As the game progresses players have to eliminate opponent’s spacecraft.



Objective: Destroy the opponent’s satellite, while keeping the own one in tact.

KSpaceduel loads directly into the game mode; however, the action does not start until either player makes the first move.

Note: If the opponent’s satellite is controlled by the built in artificial intelligence, game action does not start until the human player makes the first move.

In KSpaceduel you control the ship’s rotation, acceleration, and weaponry. Your satellite is constantly drawn towards the sun by gravity. You have to adjust the rotation and acceleration of your ship to make it stay on course.

Note: Approaching the sun too close causes the satellite to explode.

In the same time you have to monitor the opponent’s movement and use your weapons consisting of bullets and mines, to destroy the enemy spacecraft.

Note: Your own weapons are as harmful to your satellite as they are to the enemy one.


Version - 2.0
© 1998 - 2021 KSpaceduel Team

KSpaceduel is distributed under the terms of the GPL-2.0-only

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