Klickety is a simple, yet challenging color matching game modeled after once famous game of SameGame. The idea behind Klickety is to completely clear the game board filled with the multicolored marbles. Klickety also offers a SameGame mode called KSame.



Objective: Clear all the multicolored marbles off the game board.

Once the game starts you will be presented with a board filled with multicolored marbles. You can erase some of them as long as they are of the same color and are aligned either vertically or horizontally. If there are pieces of other color located over the erased marbles, they will drop down. In the same manner, all the marbles located on the right from the erased ones will shift to the left. You are expected to clear as much of the game board area as possible.

Note: Remember, you will be penalized for each remaining marble.


Version - 2.0
© 1997 - 2021 Klickety Team

Klickety is distributed under the terms of the GPL-2.0-only

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