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KDE Games is a part of the KDE community focussing on providing desktop users with high quality gaming and entertainment software.

We realize that games are first and foremost about fun and our greatest ambition is to create only the most enjoyable and amusing playware.
The KDE Games team achieves this goal by paying greater attention to gaming details, using the latest KDE based technology, and listening closely to our users' feedback.

To date KDE Games has accumulated an impressive selection of quality games in nearly all genres. Each of these small masterpieces have been carefully tailored to satisfy the demands of all, even the most pretentious gamers.


Plug and Play easily from your Plasma Desktop. You don't need an extensive and explicit setup to jump on these exciting games. Get KDE Games : Installation Instructions.


Choose from a wide variety of games from multiple genres such as Arcade, Board, Card, Dice, Logic, Strategy, Toy & Older Games


Contribute to existing and Create new games, all through our own git instance You can find more information about it, on the getting involved page.

Random Games

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Kiriki is an addictive and fun dice game for **KDE**, designed to be played by as many as six players. Participants have to collect points by rolling five dice for up to three times per single turn.


KTuberling a simple constructor game suitable for children and adults alike. The idea of the game is based around a once popular doll making concept.

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